Fire Island Water Taxi Fares

Fire Island Water Taxi offers two different fare types, cross-bay and lateral.

Lateral fares are trips that originate on Fire Island and travel to other locations on Fire Island. Fire Island Water Taxi services 17 locations on Fire Island, the below lateral rate table shows the prices from one location to another on Fire Island.

Cross-Bay fares are for trips between main land Long Island and Fire Island. These rates vary based on time of day and are for the first six passengers.

Cross-Bay Fares

  • Before 10pm:
    • $160 for First 6 Fares/Reservation
    • $17.50 Each Additional Fare/Reservation
  • After 10pm:
    • $225 for First 6 Fares/Reservation
    • $17.50 Each Additional Fare/Reservation
  • 9:00am - 9:00pm:
    • $185 for First 6 Fares/Reservation
    • $17.50 Each Additional Fare/Reservation
  • Note:
    • All off-season evening trips will be booked on a case by case basis due to weather and visibility.

Prices are for cross bay service from Bay Shore, Maple Ave. to points between Kismet & Point O’ Woods. Any other points of origin/destination will require a boat to be chartered, charter rates will apply. Please call 631-665-8885 to speak with a dispatcher.

Lateral Fares

FI Lighthouse10111313131315151519232330303030
Fair Harbor13111110101113131317192130303030
Ocean Beach131313111191091015171927272828
Ocean Bay Park1515151313139101013151726262727
Point O' Woods15151513131310101013151726262727
Sailor's Haven19191917171515131313111221212424
Cherry Grove2321211919191717151511918182121
Water Island30303030303027272626211813212121
Barrett Beach30303030303027272626211813212121
Davis Park30303030303028282727242121212121
Watch Hill30303030303028282727242121212121